One day trip Khao Yai, Saraburi, 4 places to stop and eat

Holidays need to find a place to take some beautiful photos. Khao Yai, Saraburi is a destination because it is near to the city. Easy to travel, only 2 hours to visit Khao Yai, find a cafe to sip a good drink. Eat in a European atmosphere To get the feeling of visiting Khao Yai Ending with a visit to the beautiful flower fields in Saraburi. Which is just 1 day of return route


10.30 hrs. Doctor coffee

Start at a nice atmosphere café that has just been opened for a moment. Doctor coffee, a chic Bali-style cafe. Among the beautiful nature of Khao Yai Distinctive with French garden decoration Beautiful with colorful flowers Add a dreamy feeling with swaying grass In the cool weather Importantly, it’s not just good atmosphere and decoration But drinks and desserts still taste very good Like the whole line, likes to sip drinks. And the photography line because there are many shooting angles



The location of the shop is located on the line near Thanarat Road. Khao Yai main road Within the Phu Phra Phai project The shop is a one-story building with a raised roof in Bali style. Surrounded by ornamental plants, flowers, grass, with large doors opening wide into the blue pool seat zone. Contrasting with the view of the mountains in front



The shop is open-air, open to the natural wind. Which the air is cool and not feeling hot at all Luxuriously decorated and quite airy There are many corner of the shop to choose from. Both the tall chair in the middle of the shop decorated with magnificent flower vases Glass seat outside view Wrought iron table and chair, chic design And a sofa corner that is a bit vintage The outside seating zone by the pool Beautiful corner that must not be missed Including tables and chairs lined up beside the pool And a sofa that is supported by colorful cushions


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