Opened the “Greater Bangkok Sky Bar”, the tallest restaurant and bar in Thailand!

เปิดเเล้ว “มหานคร แบงค็อก สกายบาร์” ห้องอาหารเเละบาร์ที่สูงที่สุดในประเทศไทย!

“Mahanakorn Sky Bar”, the highest restaurant and bar in Thailand Opened at King Power, the landmark of Bangkok, in the heart of Sathorn, connected to the BTS sky train. Chong Nonsi Station The new restaurant is located on the 76th and 77th floors of the unique pixel building, “Mahanakorn Sky Bar”. Has been designed elegantly and modern From the inspiration of the Chao Phraya River Combining travel stories Ready to take you away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok together through the design of the area covering both indoor and outdoor.

Including VIP lounge Let you enjoy the atmosphere coupled with the taste of food from world-renowned chefs. “Greater Bangkok Sky Bar” is Tristan Auer’s masterpiece design from the outstanding Wilson Associates and is highlighted. Truly new in Bangkok

Mark Beckakat, Managing Director of King Power Mahanakorn said that after launching the highest viewpoint in Thailand In November 2019, we are pleased to announce the opening of the “Greater Bangkok Sky Bar”, the highest restaurant and bar in Thailand.

Which is due to the intention of creating a landmark and new experiences for Thai people and travelers from all over the world Ready to fully support and increase the country’s tourism opportunities

“MahaNakhon Bangkok Sky Bar” offers a meticulous menu of Western and Asian dishes at every step, led by the experienced chef Joshua Cameron in the famous Michelin-star restaurant in New York. Eleven Madison Park by bringing inspiration from travel passion

Find new flavors and ingredients From all over the world Come to the top with a distinctive charming menu. Suitable for a couple’s taste of cocktail menu And famous natural wines that have more than 100 types to choose from

With a blend of elegant French elegance and Thai style of fineness The new travel experience has already begun. From the first step through the wooden door arch Revealing a luxurious interior Decorated with lamps with large glass windows from floor to ceiling Experience the beautiful scenery, the most impressive. Every decoration in this restaurant tells the story of travelers.

Adventurous Speaking through the statue of a bison head that is majestically welcomed Cover of ancient books from France Fine pottery from Japan And streaks on the tile Before entering into the white marble bar at the inside While the outdoor area outside has been transformed into the atmosphere of the rainforest

Full of plants Gives the feeling like a forest in the sky Which was designed by world-class interior designer, Tristan Auer of Wilson Associates ’Paris Atelier, which offers a great journey from the city to the world of endless adventure. Ready to welcome Thai people and travelers from all over the world

“Nature is like an oasis in the sky. Considered the unique design of our team that has been beautifully created in this place, “said Tristan Auer of Wilson Associates’ Paris Atelier. “Greater Bangkok Sky Bar is designed with balance In terms of power and beauty But still maintaining a warm, friendly feeling for visitors Which we are very honored to be selected to bring real creative design

“Greater Bangkok Sky Bar” is managed by Johan Per Simon Davidsson, the legend behind the success of many restaurants and hospitality businesses in Bangkok. With over 15 years of management experience and a passion for the science of drinks Therefore can be confident in the variety and unique cocktail menu recipes With entertainment and many performances Prepare to create excitement for everyone soon.


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