Medellín, Colombia. What things to concern

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Medellín is a city in Colombia known throughout the world, due to one man – Pablo Escobar. However, Colombia is a country that is changing and becoming a safer city each day, and Medellín is the city that brings these changes. The best temperatures in the world all year round (about 64 to 83 degrees Fahrenheit) and some of the friendly people I’ve met, Medellín has become a popular travel destination for those heading to South America. Colombian people are always ecstatic about leaving a dark past and working to improve the country’s reputation.

Medellín is Colombia’s second largest city, so nature has so many things to do! It is very difficult to narrow down to the top 5 of me (especially after spending two weeks there) but I have done it and this is the next winners.the some blogs.

1. see football match
Latin Americans are known as footballers (AKA: Soccer) and in Medellín. This is absolutely true! Imagine a stadium filled with thousands of fans who are passionate about singing for 90 minutes without breaking the ground! From the moment I walked into the stadium, the atmosphere was better. People love football or not, I promise that tonight will not be forgotten. The idea of ​​going to a stadium and hunting down tickets is horrible, so fortunately there is a tour to bring the tourists to and from the game, give tickets and peace and mind knowing the local guide. Medellín football tour is the company I go with and all the more we are a group with about 20 strong – all wearing our shirts and praying as much as possible. Users locals!

Five things to do in Medellín, Colombia
Fans on the West Coast! Picture by Daniel Caracciolo

2. Have a night out in Poblado
The Medellín area is full of cool bars and restaurants, with no need to travel to Medellín. When I first came into this area, I was shocked. Not what I thought Medellín to look like. Poblado is a luxury neighborhood in Medellín, and is the most popular tourist destination, visiting incredible places to visit the clean parks and the presence of the police. High makes it incredibly safe. The locals here are proud of the neighborhood and want to share the beer with the tourists hanging around the local bar. Visiting this place shows me how much Colombia is and the future period. Really brilliant!

It is almost impossible to choose a place to eat. But I just discovered the only secret called Cafe Zorba. It was the best pizza I ever ate, so check it out!

Where? Cafe Zorba is located at Cl. 8 # 42-33, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia.

Five things to do in Medellín, Colombia
Poblado very beautiful at night! Picture by Daniel Caracciolo

Five things to do in Medellín, Colombia
The best pizza is at Cafe Zorba, portrayed by Daniel Caracciolo.

3. Go to Creative Comuna 13.
This part of town is home to the most incredible graffiti art. From the mural depicting political issues, just crazy art, it’s worth checking out. I have been touring in this area and I believe this is the best way. Then I will learn about the artist and the meaning behind the mural. This area is also very charming. This is not always the case because Comuna 13 is the most dangerous part of Medellín! Today is quite safe. But I would not recommend going alone or at night.

Five things to do in Medellín, Colombia
Some of the beautiful murals depicted by Daniel Caracciolo.

4. Take advantage of Free Walking Tour
This is the number one priority in Medellín. For anyone who has limited time to tour with Real City Tours, it is really good! Usually, I’m not a “walker”, but I’m very happy with this. From the past to the present I have learned a lot about the people in Medellín and their history. Just make sure you go with Real City Tours as it is the number one city! Booking this tour is essential to make sure to plan ahead.

Where? The Real City Tours office is located at Cra 51 # 41-76, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia.

Five things to do in Medellín, Colombia
Lights of Hope Visit Free Walking Tours Photos

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