How to use the correct and safe escalator in Tokyo


Due to a domino-like accident that continued on the escalator in Tokyo Recently, there has been a persuasion to use the escalator safely as follows.

1. Stand at one side on the escalator and do not walk up and down the escalator.

Japanese people in Tokyo stick to the habit of standing left on the escalator and leaving the right side to the hustler to walk up and down the escalator. (Japanese people in the Kansai area will stand right on the escalator). However, walking up and down the side of the escalator causes accidents. Therefore has an agreement that should not walk up and down the escalator


  1. Standing in pairs New agreement for the use of escalators

In a station that has a lot of traffic, there has been a request for cooperation for people traveling to stand on the escalator in a double row to close the way for people to walk up and down the stairs which can reduce accidents on the escalator.


3. Handle the escalator rail

Railing handles are one of the safest ways to use escalators. Most people do not want to catch escalators because they are afraid of being dirty and infected. Today, many train stations in Tokyo have installed escalators that use materials to help prevent germs and keep clean from the staff, which can be easily observed from the letter 抗菌 on the yellow circle on the escalator as shown below.



4. Improving the escalator system that is more secure

There is a secure escalator system installed as follows.


Install the emergency escalator stop button in the event of an accident.


Attach the panel to the side of the escalator to prevent the ends of the pants or shoes from getting stuck in the space on the escalator.


Always attach warning signs before stepping up and leaving the escalator.



How to use a safe escalator is one of the most controversial and sometimes confusing topics for people in Japan. For the author, before escalating, he often observes the person who escalated the escalator before saying that he used a standing escalator on either side or standing in a row. Then follow him and hold the railing firmly Being conscious at all times will help us to be safe.

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