5 Street food, Vietnamese food, Dalat, the most delicious, must-try!

Another thing that is indispensable for coming The Vietnam tour is a tour of many street food menus. And today, Mushroom Travel will take you to taste delicious food in Dalat, a popular tourist city. Please say that the land of this South Vietnam mountain In addition to having many beautiful places to visit, also famous for the delicious local menus. If you want to know which Vietnamese dishes in Dalat will have a menu to visit then don’t miss out. Follow along together

Ginger juice


Let's start with the local Dalat Vietnamese food menu. Tofu with ginger (Đậu Hủ Nóng). 
As you know, Dalat is a mountain town covered with cold weather. If you have hot ginger 
juice A cup will help warm the stomach a lot. The taste is like the milk, milk, sweet 
coconut milk, a little ginger flavor. Delicious and easy to eat. Can be stored at the 
end of other main meals
Fried clams


Coming to Vietnam for the whole tour, Dalat's must-miss menu at night is There are all 
kinds of shellfish menu, whether it's shells, tubes, scallops, shellfish, spinach, 
scallops, or freshly clawed clams. The way to do it is to put the shells that we choose 
to fry with various ingredients according to the style. With Pho Phew vegetables And 
salt, pepper sauce, fresh local lime mix, delicious taste, delicious, fresh seafood, 
inexpensive, like this, considered to be Vietnamese Dalat food that must be arranged 

Dalat Pizza


The most popular Dalat Vietnamese food in the Dalat Night Market is Dalat pizza 
(Bánh Tráng Nướng). The dough is used to make it like Nham flour, because of the 
large round plates, grilled on a hot pan, add eggs, sausage, sprinkle onion, 
cheese and sauce. The chili is cooked, ready to roll, ready to serve, which 
some shops will create ways to attract customers. By placing various toppings 
as well And delicious too To be organized !!

Another menu of Dalat Vietnamese food must be called Bánh Tráng. It is a menu that has 
more than 30 types, but the top hits are the most. Bánh Tráng Trộn and Bánh Tráng Cuốn. 
Both menus are made from a circular package. The difference is that Banchang Chong Will 
take the leaves to cut in lines Mixed with sesame oil, garlic, onion, various vegetables
 and then the same sunny flesh like the salad. Will take a large sheet of leaves to roll
, wrapped with vegetables, fried onions, raw mangoes, quail eggs, chilli paste topped 
with Vietnamese spicy mayonnaise

Crab soup

End with a menu For people who like to eat crabs, it is a crab soup (Súp Cua). Easy to 
eat from Street Food stores that are generally found for over ten baht. Characteristic 
of a puree Like the fish maw, we put crab meat, chicken, quail eggs, and vegetables. 
Seasoned with cayenne pepper and various ingredients as you like. Delicious and warm.

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