Summer Celebrate Moon Festival

Mid-autumn festival called “Tet Trung Thu” is Vietnam’s second most popular holiday.
In Ho Chi Minh City, the presence of yellow and red pop shops announces the Moon Festival, which is a little-known holiday for foreigners. It is the second most popular holiday in Vietnam. Traditionally, falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month (September / October). Mid-Autumn Festival is a celebration of the family as it is the end of the harvest season when farmer animals can return to focus on their children. In Hanoi, young people flock around the carp lanterns in the memorial of the carp demon in the past, before killing. Scared by the light of fluorescent lamps. Nationwide, there is a Dragon Dance with the Lord of Earth Vietnam, Ong Dia.

The Legend of the Moon Festival in Vietnam
Another story is the legend of the story of a man and his wonderful banyan, which has rumors to restore life to the dead. He ordered his wife to water the trees daily with pure water. One day she forgot the water and when she saw her husband go home from work, she quickly pissed it off. The tree began to grow and the kooku was forced to cut it. But his ax stuck to the branches, and he was led to the moon, where he was imprisoned. Only once a year, when children walk on earth with their lamps, Cuoi can return home.

The moon festival in the moon.
Contemporary with traditional mooncakes Credits: Shutterstock

Eating mooncakes
Like China, where the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated, Vietnam will follow the Moon Festival tradition. The Mooncake is called the Mooncake. It is a delicious pastry filled with creamy, sweet or spicy filling filled with the full moon. The surface of the dessert is stamped with good wishes and fortune. But along Saigon Street and in a boutique wardrobe, I saw the mooncakes carved as delicate flowers or shaped like Chinese zodiac animals that were celebrated that year. You can go on a homemade route, buy wholesale items from a temporary stall, or pick up souvenirs at top bakery bakery. Pastries tend to have a sweet taste and too much calories. Usually a single cake is cut into small pieces and shared among family members. Sweetness is often cut with a cup of herbal tea.

How do I celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival?
Last year, the Mexican woman named Michelle invited women around the city to make mooncakes for the local orphanage through the best shopping resources in Saigon, women, foreigners and locals in the city. Ho Chi Minh (Note: If you are a woman and plan to move to Saigon, this group will have you all the time.) Since the mid-tenth birthday of National Children’s Day, the way to make 200 pet-shaped mooncakes. For orphans Urban youth, my agent is more important than everyone. Join me is my friend Kellie, who conducts the Talk One American English.

Making mooncakes is painful. After exhausting for six hours of careful measurement, endless mixes and exciting stirring of our various condiments, I will no longer use the mooncakes for a getaway. Making all the mooncakes is an intriguing and error-prone process, so if you try to make the formula below, be patient. Michelle is a philanthropist, bread maker and share with us a family recipe. The difference between a self-made mooncake and a grocery store is fierce. I do not think I’ll go back to the factory with preservatives for a better shelf life. One thing I noticed about all the pop sales stalls selling the mooncakes during the fall mid-fall festival was that the next day there was a huge surplus due to the large number of stores. I thought they were selling in the market the following year, which made me scared to support wholesale sellers instead of bakery, mom and pop. From a half years living in Vietnam, making a mooncake is one of my ten experiences because:

I eat for good reason.
This experience is the beginning of Vietnamese culture.
I have met some striking phenomena made women in Saigon.
The moon festival in the moon.
Women show their balls.

Brief notes on ingredients
Here is my first introduction to a simple syrup gold syrup recipe.

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