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The City Guide Boston guide gives you a deeper look at one of America’s oldest cities.
Since I moved back to Boston in June, I wanted to go home for myself and return home. For a familiar city, everything is not amazing, and I found myself learning everything I had known before. I was fortunate to get a second chance to get to know my hometown in the City Guide Boston guide. Boston is the sixth capital of Massachusetts in the United States. Located on the East Coast, only 4 hours drive from New York City. Boston’s corners are full of history, and although the United States is small compared to other countries around the world, there is something about Boston that feels quite harmonious and sentimental. It is the first city to instill a sense of pride in Boston. In every well-known city in the city is the first metro in Europe, the first park in the United States, the first university in America … We also There are the oldest restaurants running in the country! Whether it’s land or sea, helicopter, or two feet of Boston, let’s explore. I recommend you read a different travel book to get the maximum return for the buck when you visit.

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Isabella Stewart Museum, Boston City Museum

Walk around the FANEUIL HALL MARKETPLACE, which has 18,000,000 visitors every year to find Boston’s flavors with more than 100 shops and restaurants.
Capture America’s favorite pastime at the country’s oldest major league baseball park, FENWAY PARK, home of the Red Sox.
Follow the red brick road, known as the TRAF FREEDOM TRAIL, a 2.5 mile free trail in historic Boston, leads you to the Old North Church, Paul Revere House, and the USS Constitution.
Appreciate Boston’s refugee community in places such as END NORTH, Boston’s Inner Region, where sweets are rivals with pastries of Mike Pastie and Pastry Modern, fighting the best canine (Sicilian pastry) in the neighborhood of CHINATOWN. Play an endless Mahjong game near Chinatown Gate.
For Mavens Museum of Art, ogling a collection of the kind of ISABELLA STEWART GARDNER in his private Venetian halls is a must. Free admission on your birthday and if your name is Isabella, Congratulations! You get free prizes for life! The blank wall on the wall was the home of the stolen pieces of the world’s most expensive art assassination in the year. 1990 is a new art fan? The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) is located on the waterfront and is available free of charge on Thursdays from 5 to 9 pm, while free public displays of art are available every Wednesday from 4 to 9:45. .
Back Bay is a collection of high end boutiques and fast fashion names such as H & M and Urban Outfitters PS, clothing is tax-free in the State of Massachusetts. Genesis
Explore the city from a new elevation on the Prudential Center’s SKYWALK Observatory. Kill two birds with one stone by going to the first floor to visit THE HUB’s TOP RESTAURANT with cocktail lounge seating, which overlooks the scenery. Same with the drink in hand.
… continue with a fresh view, rent kayaks and paddle along the CHARLES River, turn through the sailboat to enjoy the best view of the Boston skyline.
Walk down the most photographed street in Boston. The magnificent ACORN STREET features a narrow ramp lined with gas lamps and living rooms dating back to 1800.
In September thousands of collegiates flock to the academic center of the United States. Visit the worship site of one of America’s oldest higher education institutions, Harvard University. Massachusetts Ave
Visiting in the winter? Crossing the Frog Fountain skating rink is located in BOSTON COMMONS, the oldest park in the United States. Right across the street is the most joyous BOSTON PUBLIC GARDENS in the summer when the Swan Boat Cruises can be seen floating through the pool and garden fully.
Boston North

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City Guide Boston Gourmet Dumpling House Chinatown

If you want to try real BOSTON food.
Dining is about New England as it has been in Boston. You have many options, almost too. So here is the general description: JAMES HOOK & CO. (15-17 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02110). They have been loading their gilts since 2001. But in 1925 NEPTUNE OYSTER (63 Salem St. # 1, Boston, MA 02113) is still in operation for bes Boston.

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