Things to do in Hanoi, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City may overtake Hanoi as the most populous city in Vietnam. But it can not be forgotten that Hanoi Vietnam is the political center of the country, the capital of one of the communist world.
They said that Hanoi is the most Asian city in Asia. It’s hard to define what makes Asian cities so much more than the next. Undoubtedly, there is something gradually going about the city itself. Hanoi’s pace is casual and casual, where every action is a sipping of coffee at noon. Motorcycles during the transportation of incense burned in a sacred pagoda – all carried in slow motion. For the romantic Hanoi has kept the charm of this time, tourists are reminded of the slogan of tourism in Vietnam. The city has a long way to go by painting the building’s yellow pebble and the multi-storey pagoda decorating the horizon. Although one of the oldest capital cities in the world, Hanoi is becoming a capital city itself. More tourists flock to Hanoi as the gateway to destinations such as Sapa, Halong Bay and Ninh Binh. As a result of the influx into Hanoi’s popularity, the dismissal of the outdated pragmatism is no longer a reflection of Hanoi. Walking along the path of the little sister to the south. Unlike Ho Chi Minh City, it is quiet, with lakes and parks to be tucked into. For a perfect weekend in Hanoi, take a look at the Vietnam tour here. Interested in my top five? continue reading

Five things to do in Hanoi, Vietnam
In Hanoi you will see birds that hold cages in almost every place.

1. Food in the Tanks: Egg Coffee, Bun Cha and Pho oh my!
The most known export of Vietnam is pho, the noodle boat comes from Hanoi. Pho’s Hanoi treat claims simplicity: the soup should be clear and slightly salty, with only chilli, chopped eyes and lemon slices for decoration. If you find too much of Hanoi’s recipes, Pho Bo Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su is served with a spicy orange sauce and a spinach dish. your

Where? Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su, 10 Ly Quoc Su, Hang Tron, Hanoi

Top five in Hanoi, Vietnam, Pho
Spinning bread is the influence of China.

Only in Hanoi can you get a cup of coffee. And there is no better place than Giang Giang, run by Mr. Nguyen Giang at the end of the story, occurred during the French war on low rations and bartenders at Sofitel Metropole Nguyen Zhang. Mixing the meringue in milk for guests looking for coffee and hence the prosperity. Egg Coffee is a dessert, rather than caffeine, with a taste similar to tiramisu. Black Robusta is topped with sweet fructose, an ingredient of egg white, which needs to be warmed accordingly. You can order it hot or cold and at Giang Cafe they also have egg beer on the menu!

Where? Giang Cafe, 39 Nguyen Huu Huan, Le Thanh Ton District, Hanoi

Five Things To Do In Hanoi Vietnam Eggs
I went to Hanoi four times in Vietnam and every time, this is the only thing I have to order.

If I eat only Vietnamese food for the rest of my life, it would be biscuits. For a list of Vietnamese dishes I like, please click here. This is a Hanoi daily dish made of cold noodles, jelly noodles, pork, small pork, soaked in fish sauce, vinegar and herbs for freshness prevalent in all Vietnamese cuisines. Anthony Bourdain and Barack Obama make it less than a place. The so-called Bunbury actually try checking out Bun Cha 34 near Tay Ho. Bun Cha Cha 34 is weaker than Hoang Lien, but their food is punched with flavors cooked into the patties. These beautiful.

Where? Bun 34, 34 Hang Than, Nguyen Trung Truc, Hanoi

Five things to do in Hanoi Vietnam Bun Cha
Combo Obama at Bun Cha Hoang Hoang

2. Sightseeing around Old Town
Hoan Kiem Lake, also known as Turtle Lake, is Hanoi’s most popular tourist attraction in the Old Quarter. During the weekend, the road adjacent to Lake Tao is blocked by cars and motorbikes. Can walk peacefully within Th

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