Attractions outside Paris, France.

Attractions outside Paris in France, Paris to Paris, France, Provence

When many people think of France, we think of the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysees, and the Arc de Suffren: In short, we miss Paris. But like any country, France has more than the most famous monuments and places.

As we leave Paris and leave for the largest and most famous cities, we can almost always find what France really means and experience the French way of life. Many beautiful villas in France are available for those looking for a quiet holiday in a lesser-known area in this fascinating country.

It is not surprising that many people are eager to experience France: it is one of the most advanced and pioneering countries and still has a deep sense of national culture. But the problem for many people who are eager to have real experience of French culture and French way of life is the question to begin. Fortunately for you, this is a list of areas outside of Paris that will help you understand France outside the boundaries of the fantastic capital.

Where to go outside of Paris in France? BrittanyBRITTANY
The northern part of France is home to some of the most fascinating and exotic villages you have ever visited, and the many architectural and atmospheres that will help you get back to the past. A 1-hour train ride from Mont St-Michel has a pleasant, medieval charm, although first-time visitors to France feel as though you are walking on the street. According to And slowly you think your thoughts are not wherever you were before. But for France itself, for the French myths, novels, films and fairytales.

Where to go outside of Paris in France? NormandyNORMANDY
Normandy has a slightly different history from the rest of France and seems to always reflect the region. Everything from the locally popular wooden buildings for wine seems to suggest that the Normandy is slightly different.

The area is full of picturesque villages filled with large flowers and winding streets. Better examples are Honfleur, a popular town on the north coast, with twisting streets and alleyways as quirky freestyle shops. The subtle charm of architecture and the winding streets, combined with the colors of the flowers, create the image of Monet’s paintings and other impressionist painters coming into the late 19th century.

Tourist attractions outside of Paris in France. BurgundyBURGUNDY
The town and village of Burgundy have a real fairytale charm. The chateau vineyards and quiet villages are quiet, graceful and graceful.

Beaune is slightly larger than these villages. But this is the perfect example for this region. Beaune showcases Burgundy’s excellent restaurants, trendy cafes and wine cellars, and interesting museums. And it has the peace and elegance of a small town.

Where to go outside Paris in France? DordogneDORDOGNE
The Dordogne Valley is not exactly secret, because many foreigners are well aware of the perfect beauty of the pictures. But it does not talk about this as much as it deserves. However, this may be a good thing because it is still a quiet and traditional area of ​​France, where the appeal is largely due to the sense of purity and accuracy.

The ancient region of France, the Dordogne Valley, is home to the crooked old castle and the beautiful settlement of Rocamadour, a village built in steep cliffs, as seen first from fantasy films and once you have been affected. At first glance, the fascinating charms of the streets and ancient buildings of the city have become the center of your attention.

Tourist attractions outside Paris in France. ProvencePROVENCE
All Provence These fascinating towns and villages are set amidst the rough countryside, beyond the fiery Mediterranean. Warm weather, delicious French cuisine and world class cuisine and wine make it a cultural paradise.

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