The charm of the rain in the colors of the city.

Even a rainy season. But the trip to the colorful tracks in Ubon Ratchathani we have many impressions. The colors are created and the colors are created naturally.
From the street to admire street art. New Artist Life style The Ubon Through the wall art at various points within the city.
And here it is Once Upon a Time Khongjiam. Information Resource Center Learning about Weaving Demonstration Center, Dyeing Indigo, DIY key ring, and coffee corner. The price is only 300-350 Baht.
Once Upon a Time Khongjiam
Address: Moo 1, Kewpradit Rd., Khongjiam, Khongjiam, Ubon Ratchathani
Open daily from 07.00 – 20.00.
Tel. 0 4521 0324
Facebook: Once Upon a Time: Khongchiam Tourist Information Center
Room rates are 300 Baht per room, 350 Baht per room, 3 room for 10 persons.

The charm of the rain in the colors of the city.
The first meal was held at the Araya Restaurant, a restaurant on the Mekong River. There are many dishes such as fried fish fillet, fried pork ribs, garlic, ko kong fish, fried prawns, papaya salad
Araya food
Open daily 9am – 8pm.
Click to see more detail

Eat, drive, drive Photo taken at the White House Building 112, the first commercial buildings of Ubon Ratchathani. It is still preserved for the children to admire. Grandma walked out and greeted her. I have to have a banana. The dog is a great gift (love).
The charm of the rain in the colors of the city.
Then, worship the reclining Buddha. Wat Tham Sae Sin Chai Huay Sin Chai Waterfall This flowing waterfall is only visible in the rainy season. Come visit this late July. So I can feel the full moist. But the walk must be careful because the floor tiles polished it. The rain is quite slippery.

Exit from Wat Tham Sa Sin Chai. Let’s go together. Two-color river view This is due to the Mun River. The longest river in Thailand and the Mekong River converge. But because of the rain, it was so turbid. Water color is not clear.
But we have not reduced the effort. Take a view of Khongjiam and Mekong River to get a panoramic view of Wat Tham Khao Sawan.

End the first day. Glowing church At Sirindhorn Temple, Phra Phrao
The second morning Wake up from 5 am. Departure to Pha Taem National Park. To get the golden dawn of a new day Experience the orange red color, brown color paintings. At this point, if you are going to visit the park must notify the park staff, because he will have the staff to visit and tell the importance of the points.
Here are some examples of ancient paintings. Appearing on the rocks.

Another point is the gallery, which is located in Pha Taem National Park. But to drive out to another point, the porch is caused by the erosion of sandstone into a natural sculpture. If you walk up to the top, it will be a stone yard and there is a crevice. It is estimated that this is likely to last a thousand years.

After waking up early I went to the two, so I stopped gently with eggs, pans and aubergine. At Joy Kitchen Not far from the park.
Then visit the moonlight waterfall. The water that many people know well. But in the rainy season, this will see a flowing waterfall than normal. The water may not be as clear as any other.

From Pha Taem National Park Head to Khemarat District. Visit Khem Ratthani Road. This is the name of the city. Khun Ratthanee But nowadays, the spelling changes to the meaning of the land of happiness.

Khemarat District is a land adjacent to the Mekong River. On Saturday evening from 18.30 to 20:30 hrs, this small street will become a pedestrian street full of fairies and cultural shows.

If you have a chance to visit this road, do not miss to check in at the hotel. The first hotel of Khem Khao and the god of worship at Wat Pho.

End the short trip. We are the Somtam Somkiat bombarded.

Our trip to Ubon 2 days 1 night with the impression as ever. If there is a little more time, it would be good. There are many more that we want to visit. Khemarat District We have just come here. The next time you find a home stay. Come and experience the Mekong, and certainly not miss the pedestrian street of course.

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