Chai Nat Town Visit the old market of the drugstore.

Old market The market has a history. Cultural charms are inviting. No matter which province you visit. We are always looking for opportunities to visit the old market community to experience the culture. To taste delicious food … We intend to visit the old market. Back to the bustle again. After the old house of the drug. Awarded Outstanding Architectural and Artistic Award. From the Association of Siamese Architects Under the Patronage of HM the King in 2018

On this special occasion. The Municipality Sapphaya Have a good market Green Night Market or simply referred to as the old market supermarkets. Same as

This visit to Chainat. In addition to the community in the style of the drug. Have a taste – Shop at the old drug store. Have a chance to get to know.
– New car style at Car Caravan
– to taste local food Sugar candy, sugar candy, sugar candy, candy,
– To learn the way people do. That is not just Petchaburi.
– Visit hygienic water hyacinth community.
– to see the fields safely. The use of natural fertilizers.
– and go learn batik
Classic caravan – Classiccar Caravan
There are 6 Standard Room (750 Baht), Family Room (4 people) and 1,500 Baht (4 people). Price 1,500-2,000 Baht
Address: 96 Moo 7, Asoke Road, 117 km. (Inbound to Bangkok).
Tel. 08 9772 1214
Facebook: Classic Caravan – Classiccar Caravan
Travel from Bangkok to the carnival carnival at the end of the line to eat rice, coffee, walk, ride, look at children, ride horses, feed carp. Then pick up your belongings. Then go out to the old market in the afternoon.
Before going to market Greene Night Market. We visit Wat Pho, Watthana, behind the market. Go to the temple and admire the temple. Which is enshrined Buddha statue Both feet are out. That said, that. Buddha performs miraculous miracles. Which came to worship the burial. 7 days ago, the Buddha statue is difficult to find.

After absorbing the tourism of the local people over the past three days. We have known the city. Know more Chai Nat. If you want to visit the community. Can be contacted directly at the municipality. As a group, it is a trip. Accommodation can be selected. I want to stay home style homestay. I want to stay home car classic Car Caravan like us.

For more information, please contact the municipal office at Tel. 0 5649 9134 (government office).

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