Pattaya near Chitlom

This trip we intend to go to the sea. Because we work every day, we have to find a place. Take a short weekend to go easy. Finding a nice seafood restaurant and a nice stay. Slow Sea Sea Life This is a good place to start.

Start out home The first place we would like to pay homage to the blessings of the “Big Buddha Temple” before the temple atmosphere is peaceful, both Thai and foreign people gradually but not crowded. Wishing to be happy together. The big Buddha is beautiful, suitable for the Buddha’s blessing near Bangkok. We pay homage to each other. The stomach starts to work hungry. We chose to stop at the restaurant. Bigger shop! The food is fresh and delicious. What are you doing? (Or that hungry) he really delicious. Let’s go together 2 people to eat together until tight.

We dine at the lovely cafe in Pattaya. To find the cafe is a Mommy Pink line that is LaMunne Lin shop simply called the sweet tongue shop very fruity. Pink must be absolutely grateful. Snacks and drinks are available. The price is neutral. Not too high What are you waiting for? Really?

Afternoon, we can check-in at the hotel. This trip we booked a room at U Pattaya is a place we want to stay for a long time. From the reviews, it is a beautiful hotel staff accommodation at the hotel. We check-in and stay in the room for a moment to go out to take a picture. I have a beautiful picture.

Personally, for the U Pattaya hotel like it is the view, especially the swimming pool, cutting edge with sea view, it is really beautiful. If you have the opportunity to swim the atmosphere of the sun to the horizon. I say very pretty and chew too much as well. We swim almost sunrise, the horizon is bathed. Prepare for dinner at the hotel.

Dinner at the restaurant Papillon, which is in the hotel itself. Sea View Food and drink in a variety of styles. If you have time to sit and eat your own private sea view is it? Introduce delicious food. The atmosphere is not busy.

Have a meal and then sit in the room and have enough time to have a chance to soak in the sea to view the sea to relax in. Outside the balcony, there is a fan attached to the air is not hot. Do not be scared of mosquitoes. Listen to soaked music I am happy to go again. Soak up the water and take a shower.

Good Morning From Pattaya Breakfast at the hotel is a good choice. I have finished taking photos in the hotel.
ArMoO In Love In Pattaya is a trip to Bangkok. Travel back and forth I do not have to waste any time at all. Pattaya Some people may feel bored. But for this Pattaya trip, the feeling is very good! I want to go to the sea, but not much time. Pattaya is another good option. Now, whether it is a hotel, restaurant, cafe, a new water park is pretty many options. I want to let you go through the holidays. Find some time to relax myself.

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