Luang Prabang 4 Days 3 Nights

Hello, last week Have a chance to visit Luang Prabang 4 days 3 nights Luang Prabang is a city we think peaceful. Let us think of life as it should be. We will forget almost everything we desire, such as home, car, bag, shoes, things that provoke us. The feeling at the moment was that we felt what the real needs of human beings were. Is it provocation or peace? Then we discovered that. Peace is Human thing Really want This is quite quiet. Maybe because we go. The season is a rainy season, but the weather is quite hot. If it does not rain tomorrow. There are so many things to do. Like walking into the city, walking to colorful lagoon, visiting the palace, walking the night market, and wandering around the city, what we like from there is inexpensive. Everything is unique.

We do not know much about cars. The price is around 50,000 kip or ฿ 200. Some cars can find people to add. Some cars also charge this price per person. Burasari Heritage Hotel is located in the heart of Burasari.

The day we arrived was the first day. The weather is quite good. But we are tired not to go. To prepare to pay. But the hotel. This hotel is very good. I went to it. From the hotel to the monks, about 2 minutes walk to the Temple of Chiangmai about 10 minutes walk to the dark market or the color is about 10 minutes in .. The advantage here is one. Do not waste a lot of money. Because walking alone.

What makes us choose this hotel. The shower is very chic. If you come here with a girlfriend, it will be a little romantic. 5555555. Price is not very expensive, we booked directly with the website has a promotion in Facebook. Check it out. The price is cheaper than booking with Agoda.

There is a restaurant called The terrace price as well as to eat outside is delicious Thai food more delicious in Bangkok. The chef is Thai. Why Lao people make delicious Thai food? It is a Thai people.

If you are going to advise to come out around 5:30 in. Price for glutinous rice. But we will stay free. I have to say that in advance, we suspected that if the hands of the glutinous rice was enough to eat, we asked the staff to tell him that after the meal was finished. It will be steamed new. But during the monks. I will not make it. The dress should be neat. It is a honor. And respect his tradition. We go to the temple to make merit during the bat must be put on the hotel or if purchased from the store. It will be considered a good experience.

After completion monks We went to the morning market. The market is like our home market. Not to far from the monks around 5-10 minutes, most of the sales will be fresh. We recommend to buy a snack to buy from here. Very inexpensive. Most likely to buy to be deposited. Dried fruit

From the morning we went to the populace. This restaurant is quite popular among tourists. I do not know what to say. And then I think.

This is the atmosphere in Luang Prabang. We like this city very much. Maintain identity Do not change the value or time here, it is suitable for those who like the retro vintage atmosphere, but the vintage is Miniso 555555.

Then we went back to the hotel. Due to hot weather I can not stay outside very long. I’m not sure what to do. So we went to the spa. There are many spas in the area. Then there is an inexpensive massage shop to choose. But we would like to try the spa here. Let’s find out where good. So we went to Spa Burasari, the best place in Luang Prabang, so we stayed at the hotel, so we went to try it a lot, he will have some ceremony before the massage. I feel very relaxed and like to do it. First, we have pain in the back, he will have to choose whether the pain like light or strong enough to massage it in. Exactly as we want Price is not expensive compared to the quality and service mind.

After the spa. We went to the top of the pool to say that the stairs are very energy-absorbing step is about 1-2 steps, the top of the pool is about 328. Very tired, but well, we are prepared to water, so who will come up with water to put on. Sneakers It is self-safe. We went up around 2 pm because we did not want to spend a lot of time. We are small. If the sunset. Very busy We like it here. It’s really a live show. The entrance fee is 20,000 kip (about 80 baht).

Wooden bridge for crossing river beam If you take a photo on the bridge, it will cost you 7,000 kip if it comes down from the back of the pool. I will find this bridge.

In the evening, we went to the dark market here will open at 5 pm-4 pm, I started to shop here, it will be similar to the price will be. Can be priced. Quality is ok. We have a set from here to 3-4 chic chic design is very cute. The black market is quite long. Take a walk with them and get a workout. Do not be bored in the city or drink Lao beer. But we do not like beer, do not try, but if you want to sit around. There are many shops to choose from here, there will be curfew at midnight, almost every shop will close from 10 pm, the feeling is strange again.


Before leaving outside, we went to eat breakfast at the hotel. We like to cook very delicious food can be ordered in the bacon or sausage he will make when we order. Do not put it in the tray. We think Many hotels should do this. To make hot food

We walked around the city to get fresh air. Most people will walk with my bike. If the bike is a tourist, most of them have a coffee shop. We like to walk through and then listen to a lot of cool music in the city and the atmosphere inside. We are very proud of our restaurant. Coffee is good.

At 11.30, we had to prepare for Kwang Si Waterfall, the price is around ฿ 200-300. It takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to travel, it is worth to go. The waterfall is very beautiful at first we see the picture we think of people. The blue waterfall is really blue here, there are several layers, some can play water, some can not play. I have to look at the label.

On the way down there will be a souvenir sale. I think that the market will be cheaper.

What we think is amazing. I want to go out all the time. I feel that I want to keep this memory for a long time. When we arrive at the hotel, we will be ready to go to Sunset Cruise. The package we choose is free, some packages may have to pay for the cruise. But not very expensive. Watch the sunset on the Mekong River.


Day 3 we decided We will visit the palace in the morning, it will open at 08.00 – 11.30 and 13.30 – 16.30. Admission to 30,000 kip (about 120 baht). Get inside and lose money and do not take photos. The dress must be neat because it shows respect. We like the palace very much. It is in the heart of the city and the atmosphere around the shady.

Afternoon, we went to the cooking class with the hotel because most of the food is Thai. I will teach you to cook Thai food. We go to school complimentary Better off letting go I do not know what to do with it. Most of them are foreigners to cook it. We like the atmosphere during the process. I can not come to Kanchanaburi. Absorb the atmosphere

After cooking class, we went to the temple. In thought, we feel. This temple is very beautiful, but I have only one. Because the temple is quite small. I’ve just been gone. For anyone to come. Do not forget to dress appropriately. Because we have to honor the place.

Since this is Friday Every Tuesday and Friday There is a pizzeria named The Secret Pizza, a real Italian pizza. The owner is Italian. And do it. This shop is quite loud and full. We recommend a good pizza and wine.

This price is 700-800 baht we can not remember. But the taste is good. We think that if we come to Thailand around the price of about $ 1500-2000 than Laos. Do not forget to try the wines here.

Today is the last day. We have to go home Walk around town First come, we think. Maybe not much fun. Because we like to go to the sea. This is because Luang Prabang is cheap because it is low season. I want to try slow life Luang Prabang here too much to draw a lot. I think it must be boring club EDM is not going to survive, I do not want to go home because we are really fascinated here, we left the light to see each other again. บาง

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